Guest House,
Hotel Besa Flor

Guest House, "Hotel Besa Flor"
C. Managua - Masaya, Nicaragua

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At the hotel, guest house Besa Flor you may rest after  turistiar during the day in a familiar environment and natural setting. A few meters from the house you find the Nature Forest Reserve Châteaux of the Elf Guardabarranco. Along with the "Institute for the Biodiversity and Welfare of Tropical Trees"  they promote scientific and pedagogical tourism.

Hotel, house Besa Flor is located at kilometer 19.8 on the highway Managua-Masaya, the highest and freshest part between the two towns. At a zone known as Dos Cerros at Nindirí- Masaya, only 10 minutes from Managua (12 km to the new center), 5 minutes from Masaya and near the White Villages and Granada, facilitating many alternatives to the guests: Visits at National Park Volcano Masaya, hiking in the Natural Forest Reserve Châteaux of the Elf Guardabarranco - that was a sacred site to the indigenous - folkloric shopping, national and international cuisine, visiting interesting tourist sites in Managua, Masaya, Pueblos Blancos and Granada by bicycles, local transport o rental car. Extreme cycling in volcanoes, sport cycling or just sight seeing tours by bicycle for pleasure. Cultural / ecological tours in the mountains of the "Pueblos Blancos".

Tandem glider sport
above the "Laguna de Apoyo"

Hotel, house Besa Flor has five rooms, each one with its bath and hot water provided by a solar system,  computers in each room with broad band access at internet (wi-fi), air conditioner, tv and free local calls. The rooms are equipped with double beds and  additionally bunk beds for the kids.

Breakfast is included, the menu offers: Freshly baked bread (White or with Ojoche), organic eggs, goat cheese, fruits and juices with  Sábila (Aloe Vera ) of the e season, tea and coffee as required by the guest. Ask for our special egg-cake with autochtonous vegetables Spinach Tree, Verdolaga, Tomate Gallina and Bledo. Organic wine and sparkling wine of our farm at producer price. Furthermore white wine vinegar.

Read our publication on indigenous vegetables and autochtonous grains in the journal LEISA.

Hotel house Besa Flo is surrounded by a beautiful garden , which is heavely visited by Hummingbirds (Besa Flor), Bees, Doves, Zenzontles, Güis, Zanates Guardabarrancos, Chipmonks Garrobos and some inoffensive snake, like the Ratonera and the Voladora.


 Its wide corridor allows to realize small workshops with up to 15 people or social events with up to 30. For the workshops are offered snack services; major food service with prior arrangement. For social events food service is optional.

4 rooms of 26m2 to 31m2 familiar and 1 room de 18 m2 doble
Days of staying Adults US$ / day
 - 5 1 30.00*
 - 5 2 50.00*
 - 5 3 60.00*
 - 5 4 + (Whole house) 120.00**
6 - 10 1 24.00*
6 - 10 2 40.00*
6 - 10 3 48.00*
6 - 10 4 + (Whole house) 96.00**
10 + 1 21.00*
10 + 2 35.00*
10 + 3 42.00*
10 + 4 + (Whole house) 84.00**
Guests till 6 years old do not pay, 6 - 12 years 50 %
Air conditioning US $ 5.00/day

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